The “Hairspray Live!” Cast Just Won The Internet With This Video

If you haven’t heard of the Mannequin Challenge yet then you must have been living under a rock because it is currently doing the rounds in all corners of the internet with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Many celebrities have taken part in the challenge such as Adele, Blac Chyna, and Hilary Clinton but the cast of, “Hairspray Live!” have truly taken the cake with their recent attempt.

The Mannequin Challenge itself is a trend that started earlier this year for which people are meant to remain frozen in action while a video of them is recorded, often with music in the background.

A few hours ago, the, “Hairspray Live!” cast posted a video of their contribution to the trend on their official Twitter account and everyone went wild over how good it was. Check it out here:

Although their #MannequinChallenge was amazing, the thing that caught most fans’ attention was the music used in the background of their video. It featured an exclusive clip of their rendition of the famous, “You Can’t Stop The Beat,” from the much-loved musical which we think sounds amazing!

It’s nice to see that the cast can take a break from their gruelling rehearsals to have some fun. They have been so working hard on the upcoming adaptation of the 2002 Broadway musical, “Hairspray,” that it is good to see them having fun before the inevitable nerves for their debut set in.

The live show will see stars Kristin Chenoweth, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, and Derek Hough alongside others donning their best sequin ensembles and over-the-top bouffants for the live special which will air on NBC at 8pm ET/PT on 7th December.

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Written by Zoe Adams

Hi! I am a 23 year old graduate who loved writing essays so much that I like to do it in my free time too. Some of my other hobbies include listening to music, trying out the latest make-up trends, and catching up on celebrity gossip. I am a small person with lots of big dreams and you can check me out on Twitter, @StrawberryZoe.