Halsey hints at new music era with cryptic social media posts

Singer Halsey played a sold-out show at New York City’s famous Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. The show marked the end of her global Badlands Tour. The Chainsmokers even joined her on stage to perform their collaboration “Closer” as a special surprise for the audience.

But before the show ended, her social media accounts did something completely unexpected. Many blank white pictures were posted on Halsey’s Twitter account and Instagram account. The profile pictures on both accounts are also blank images. Soon after, her Twitter account posted this:

Now, as you can imagine, fans became extremely confused and curious with what was happening. Halsey was still on stage when this was happening, but before the show was over, she played a short video clip for the audience that ended with a white background with the same phrase “You can find me in the kingdom…” on it. An audience member posted it to Twitter which made fans even more excited.

The video, which now has over 1,500 retweets and favorites, appears to be a teaser for an upcoming project of Halsey’s. Fans have been coming up with numerous theories to try and explain what all of this means. However, nothing has been confirmed from Halsey or her team as of now.

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Written by CelebMix