Halsey Stands Up For Ashton Irwin

Great friendship is what we live for in the Celeb World. Especially when it involves Halsey standing up for Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds Of Summer.

In case you missed it, here’s what happened between 5sos member Ashton Irwin and his stalker. Jayden Seyfarth, a half-fan half-paparazzi who spent most of his time waiting backstage to meet his idols, stalked Ashton and his family and was being extremely rude to him to the point that Ashton got mad and told him off. Videos across Twitter clearly show Irwin begging Seyfarth to leave him and his family alone. “It’s my job Ashton, it’s my job and you gotta respect that” Seyfarth replies.


About 30 times Ashton said ‘Please respect my privacy and I am spending time with my family for Christmas” said Irwin’s mother, Anne Marie, “I don’t know how many times he said it, but they just continued to be in his face”. She also explained that one of the members from the group , Jayden Seyfarth, later posted their home adress on Twitter before threatening to also release Ashton’s mobile number.

And it seems that this isn’t the first time the same group has been spotted near their Sydney home. “The Guy sits in front of our house. Last time Ashton was here he followed Ash to his grandparent’s home.” Terrific.

Always having Ashton’s back, Halsey called out Jayden and told him to f**k off. The video was followed by petitions from the 5sosfam, asking Jayden to leave Ashton and his family alone, or even asking to get Seyfarth arrested for privacy violation and harassment, causing him, the stalker, to deactivate from social media. cheers. 



Written by CelebMix