Halsey’s The Badlands Tour: Concert Review

Even though it’s just a concert, I hope it means so much more than that to you, because it means so much more than that to me.

Halsey began her iconic Badlands Tour in September of 2015, and due to her rising fame and continued success, the tour has called for many continuations. After much anticipation, the final installment of The Badlands Tour is inevitably here and although only a few shows in, has already exceeded expectations.

CelebMix had the pleasure of attending the fourth show on the tour at the Allen Event Center on July 10th in Allen, Texas, and the experience was beyond anything imaginable.

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Fans camped out all day awaiting a show that was sure to be unbelievable. Halsey has continuously put her all into this tour, and with the final round comes her best performances yet. Decked in glitter and wide smiles, fans were lined up and buzzing until the doors opened at 7. Here at CelebMix though, we were a part of the VIP Camp Badlands experience which allowed us early entrance to the event and a personal question and answer segment with Halsey herself.

The Q&A was very intimate and fun as Halsey answered questions from fans and gave everyone a more in-depth look into her ever fascinating life. The precious star answered questions ranging from her favorite Pokemon characters (she has several, one of which is Eevee) to which Spice Girl she would be (she expressed how she could be all of them depending on the circumstance.) Halsey also didn’t shy away from getting deep with fans as she explained the true meaning behind her beautiful song ‘Young God,’ and of course she couldn’t dodge questions about upcoming work. Halsey didn’t elaborate much on where the future is taking her, but just know that there is much to look forward to and we should all be very excited. She continued to express what she hopes everyone takes away from the show, then she was off to prepare for an amazing night.

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Following the Q&A, we were lucky enough to be front row for the show. Alternative group Bad Suns opened for Halsey, and definitely started the show off on the right note. The crowd enjoyed jamming out to the up and coming group as they sang some of their hits such as ‘Cardiac Arrest’ and ‘Salt.’ They also played a new song titled ‘Heartbreaker’ and the crowd seemed to love it. Bad Suns are definitely on the rise, and their great show prior to Halsey definitely proved this as the crowd danced and applauded throughout the performance.

Not long after Bad Suns, it was time for Halsey to take the stage, and her entrance was far from boring. With an amazing stage set-up and flashing colored lights that fit perfectly with the theme of her opening song ‘Gasoline’, Halsey emerged on a raised platform and the crowd went absolutely wild. The unique indie beat of this first song was the perfect way to start a show, and the energy never faltered after that. Halsey made her way to our side of the stage many times, and we couldn’t contain our excitement at the close proximity of this queen.

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We wish we could go into detail on every single song Halsey sang, because the show was just that good, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to a few moments that definitely stuck out. The first being that she used the crowd to help her out with the intro to one of her most popular singles, ‘Ghost,’ and it was so special hearing every single fan scream out the beginning lyrics without the help of background music, or Halsey singing along. Halsey was beyond proud and the smile on her face said it all.

Another astonishing part being when Halsey paused ‘Hurricane’ to state that the song was “a reminder that you do not belong to anybody but yourself.” The crowd erupted into screams at the powerful message behind the lyrics, and the brightly colored lights accompanied with a stormy backdrop only added to the moment.

Since the show we attended was in Allen, Texas, only a short drive away from Dallas, Halsey also took the time to address the recent tragedies. Her speech was very powerful as she explained that “This is a place that is safe. This is a place that is full of love. This is a place that is without fear,” despite outside events. Her loving heart and kind words definitely touched many different people around the venue, and we could not respect her more for her efforts.

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Additionally, Halsey made great use of the stairs and platforms set up around the stage, and her presence was overall magical. Halsey really knows how to perform and we are beyond happy that we could witness this firsthand. She didn’t leave a single area of the stage untouched and she interacted with fans as much as possible with hand grabs, speeches, and flawless dance moves. Not to mention, her outfit changes were killer and her vocals were absolutely mesmerizing.

To end the spectacular show, Halsey played her recent single, ‘Colors,’ and the experience was beyond describable. Fans were crying and screaming out the meaningful lyrics as pink and blue confetti pieces fluttered down, and it was a moment that we never wanted to end. The famous “You were red and you liked me ’cause I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky, and you decided purple just wasn’t for you,” lyrics are something you have to hear live as Halsey and all of her fans (including us,) poured their hearts into the words. It was the perfect ending to a perfect night.

Halsey stated during the show, “Even though it’s just a concert, I hope it means so much more than that to you, because it means so much more than that to me,” and we can definitely say that this was way more than just a concert. It was a beautiful memory that will never be forgotten, and we encourage everyone to go visit The Badlands.

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Written by CelebMix