Halsey’s new music video: “Colors”

A few days ago, Halsey announced a new music video for a single off her first album Badlands: “Colors”. She released a trailer, yet something was weird about it. The song playing wasn’t “Colors” but “Strange Love”. Fans asked Halsey about it, and she replied “because the whole album is connected!”. We’re pretty excited to see how those two songs are related. A few days later, she released the official trailer, this time with “Colors” playing.

Now what can be better than a new Halsey music video? A new Halsey music video featuring Tyler Posey, mostly known as Scott McCall in the popular TV show Teen Wolf. Halsey even said “he makes me laugh more than anyone in the whole world and he’s the nicest to me and so smiley”, how cute are they? We have to say we LOVE their friendship. We mean, look at them!

Halsey's new music video: Colors 1

Now enough is enough, we know what you want. So here it is, the new music video for “Colors”:

If you didn’t watch it yet, we suggest not to read the following text.

Halsey is beautiful, Tyler is beautiful, the video is beautiful… The whole time, until about three minutes, we are almost certain the girl is in love with the young boy, who is played by Tyler. It’s only when he sees the pictures, that we realize she is not in love with him, but with the older boy, who seems to be Tyler’s father. Now the lyrics make sense: “Everything is grey/His hair, his smoke, his dreams/And now he’s so devoid of color”. The song seems to be about a girl falling in love with an older boy, yet she can’t really have this relationship.

Do you see the link with “Strange Love” now? We think the girl (Halsey) will eventually have a relationship with the older men, and that is where the “Strange Love” will make his debut. We also have a feeling that the next music video we will see will be for “Strange Love”. As always, we will keep you updated!

Halsey surprised us with a beautiful and somehow shocking music video, and we loved it!

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