Exclusive Premiere: Hana Ni releases her new song “Sage”

Hana Ni who garnered attention with her songs including “Salt in the Sea” is now releasing her new song “Sage”. Possessing multiple talents, the singer-songwriter is steadily building her name in the music industry. Seen on The Hollywood Week and the American Idol, the actress/singer has now become a regular face in the commercials.

In her young 20’s, Hana Ni has already seen success. Her leap to the City of Angels was a big success, as her self-titled debut album released in mid-2018 already has a staggering 80,000 streams on Spotify alone. Her recent two singles have collectively received 180,000 views. In this digital age,  where numbers are as significant as the work, Hana Ni’s progress seems to be quite positive. Considering the quality of music that she’s been producing, the singer is bound to rise.

Hana Ni expertly weaves Neo-Soul and R&B with elements of pop to create a perfectly-balanced, genre-defying track about coming to terms with a relationship that was never meant to be.

With 800 songs in her bag, Hana Ni definitely knows how to play with words to convey the right emotions. Lyrically and musically, her single “Sage” has its troughs and crests defining the transition that the song goes in as it progresses from narrating the pain till deriving the conclusion.

Hana Ni showcases a variety of vocal timbres with simple harmonies layered over a dreamy guitar track. She beautifully explains the realization that relationships are not always what we expect them to be.

She sings, addressing her ex-lover, “Said you’d love me long time, guess it was the wrong time.” But how does one move forward? Hana Ni suggests the ancient spiritual practice of burning sage, to clear that person’s energy and memory from the space and mind.

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Written by Ayushi

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