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“Happiness Is A Butterfly” In Lana Del Rey’s Brand New Track

It should be no secret by now that Lana Del Rey is always working on new music. Whether she is on tour, relaxing at home, or maybe even just thinking about her grocery list: at the end of the day, she is busy creating. Even when she mentions that she might take a bigger break between albums, the singer-songwriter still ends up writing new songs, singing in the studio, and giving us a record even more beautiful than the one before.

With this information kept in the back of our minds, it should come as no surprise that Miss Lana Del Rey is already ready to debut some brand new material, even though her latest album “Lust For Life” only premiered less than a year ago.

And yes, the emphasis clearly lies on the word “should” in that last sentence, because we were still shocked last night when we saw a new video of the singer pop up on our feed.

The artist took to the social media platform in order to give her fans a sneak preview of a brand new song titled “Happiness Is A Butterfly”. Filmed with her usual retro-filter on, and smiling quite timidly into the camera, Lana films herself listening to the track.  “Happiness is a butterfly”, she croons over a lonesome piano chord, ” try to catch it every night, it escapes from my hands in time.” It is sad but beautiful. Intricate and immediately loveable.

With this new song, we can assume that Lana is staying true to the course that she started to steer to when working on “Lust for Life”: the melody is not as dark and brooding as, e.g. her work during “Ultraviolence”, but still in her typical Lana Del Rey-vein.

Listen to the preview here:

In hindsight, we should have known about the track when Lana first tweeted the following (notice how the beginning starts with the new song’s title):

While the tweet’s words cannot be found in the part of the excerpt we heard just yet, we are pretty sure that those are in fact more lyrics to her new track.

Except for obviously being busy making new music, Lana Del Rey is also currently touring the world in support of her fifth studio album “Lust For Life”. She is currently in Australia and is going to head for her European leg soon after. Maybe she will play her new song during one of her shows! Wouldn’t that be great?

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