Happy 27th Birthday Cody Carson!

A very happy 27th birthday to Set It Off’s lead vocalist Cody Carson. In honour of his birthday here’s 5 reasons why we love Cody.

Reason 1: Cody’s old covers

Cody Carson’s YouTube channel is just full of old covers that range from being 6 years old to only a year old. The songs he’s covered range from Taylor Swift’s Love Story to Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble. One thing all the covers have in common is that they’re all amazing! Not all covers can be found on his YouTube channel though as he’s done various covers with other artists like Against The Current and Our Last Night which feature on their channels. A personal favourite cover of ours is his cover of All Time Low’s song Jasey Rae.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjHyk7JnDFA]

Reason 2: His YouTube channel

This reason links with the first reason but Cody Carson’s YouTube channel is filled with various kinds of videos. Not only does it have covers on it but also announcement videos for his band Set It Off and his most recent video which is about him coming back to using his YouTube channel and what to expect to see content-wise on his channel.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzZqGXZ-G_U]

Reason 3: The song lyrics.

Set It Off have some amazing lyrics like the lyrics to song Tomorrow which Cody helped write. Tomorrow is found on their album Duality and also has an acoustic version which can be found on Duality: Stories Unplugged. In the acoustic version of the song Cody spreads an important message which is saying you should carry on, tomorrow will be better. ‘Listen, you’re gonna hit low lows, but we’ve always got tomorrow. Don’t look back, look forward. Trust me.‘ Lyric-wise, the song spreads a strong message too. ‘Tomorrow, we’re the authours of our lives‘ is one of them.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RopXemSeYyw]

Reason 4: His twitter

Cody may not be the most active person on twitter but just taking a quick glance at his twitter you can see that he does interact with fans every now and then. Not only does he retweet them but he also tweets them too. He also tweets some inpsiring things too that may just change how you think about things.

Reason 5: How much he appreciates the fans

Set It Off may not be the biggest band out there or have millions and millions of fans but you can tell Cody Carson appreciates every single fan the band has. After shows, if he can, he goes out and meets the fans, taking pictures and doing videos while he’s out there. He occasionally retweets/tweets them on twitter and the band’s YouTube vevo account has a whole video dedicated to their fans.

Written by CelebMix