Happy Birthday, Connor Ball!

Today is The Vamps’ very own Connor Ball’s birthday, and it’s a big one, he’s turning 20. To try and celebrate his birthday, we thought we’d take a moment to appreciate his musical talents on various different occasions.

1. Fall Out Boy cover. 

Connor’s cover of Fall Out Boy’s ‘Young Volcanoes’ is definitely one of our favourites. The view seen in the background of the video isn’t the only thing that we like as Connor really does the song justice by making a beautiful acoustic version of the song.

2. Runaway

‘Runaway’ is a song that features on The Vamps’ newest album ‘Wake Up’. The studio version involves vocals from mainly Brad, however on a periscope back in early December, Connor treated us all when he sang it solo. This version of the song not only shows us Connor’s mindblowing vocals but also how well he can play the guitar while singing.

3. Thousand Years (ft. James McVey) cover

Although this cover of Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’ isn’t strictly Connor it does highlight what amazing vocals he has and how well he sings with band mate James McVey. The two of the making something truly magical in the form of this cover, but don’t take our word on it, listen to it for yourself.

4. Pokemon Theme Cover

This cover is not only amazing but also the oldest cover on Connor’s YouTube channel with an update date of February 9th, 2012. This makes this cover over 4 years old meaning Connor is only 15. If that isn’t a Throwback (Thursday) Tuesday, then we don’t know what is.

5. Dear Maria, Count Me In / Sugar We’re Goin Down Mashup Cover

This isn’t only a great cover, but also a great mashup of two amazing songs. The cover involves not only ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ by All Time Low but also ‘Sugar We’re Goin Down’ by Fall Out Boy. The fact it’s a mashup isn’t the only thing we love though, the vocals on this cover are spectacular.

6. A Daydream Away Cover

Connor also did a cover of All Time Low’s ‘A Daydream Away’ back in February, 2012. The vocals on this cover really highlight Connor’s musical talent leaving the listener feeling a bit speechless.

Here at CelebMix we want to wish Connor Ball a huge Happy 20th Birthday and we hope he has a great birthday, and an even better 20th year, especially with the world tour despite other things coming up.

Written by CelebMix