Happy Birthday D.O. From EXO!

D.O. (stage name) is a member of the Kpop music group EXO(Planet). Due to the fact that he is Korean, we are a little bit confused about what age we should address him as in this article.

For us, the westerners, we count another year on every birthday, but people in South Korea already have a year when they just are born. So every Korean gets a year older the 1st of January.

Kyungsoo was born in the 1993 so no matter what, for us you have been alive for 23 years even though you would probably count 24. Do Koreans like to get older quickly?

The number doesn’t matter that much, really, because you’re the same and still very young.

Happy Birthday date D.O. from EXO! 2

D.O. participated in different dramas and movies in 2015 which were awesome! We hope he continues with the hard work. He enjoys the acting thing but we also want him to stay for a long and happy time with his music band because D.O. is one of the most powerful voices in EXO and we want to keep him in it. For some reason, we call him the main vocalist, right? He truly deserves that label. Keep growing! EXO fighting!

Happy Birthday date D.O. From EXO! 3

EXO has been rocking it lately so we might expect incredible music as well as new tours and projects for 2016. They are about to visit North America for the very first time so, Europeans stay tuned because EXO-L, the fan family, is getting bigger and bigger. Who knows, maybe one day they will surprise us by coming to Europe for shows!

Happy Birthday date D.O. From EXO! 1

We want you to have a nice birthday date, keep being the mommy of the group and feeding the members with your cooking skills! But for once, even though we know you enjoy cooking, we’ll send you a nice packet of spaghetti all the way to South Korea!

Happy Birthday Do Kyungsoo!

Here’s the teaser to his recent drama ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’.

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