Happy Birthday to the Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande!

Over the past year alone Ariana has had many amazing achievements, from touring the world, releasing her third album to launching her own fragrance! She definitely slayed at 22 and will undoubtedly do the same at 23. We cannot believe six years ago Ariana tweeted this:

Little did she know at 17 years old she would become the princess of pop in a few years time.  To celebrate Ariana’s birthday we are sharing videos that show the many reasons why we love her.


Love for fans!

We always seeing Ariana expressing her love for fans on Twitter. During her Honeymoon Tour in Paris, a special moment was captured. She sang to a fan while stuck in traffic and this is the definition of goals! (We only encourage talking to your fav when the vehicle has stopped!).


Standing up for what is right

Ari always voices her opinion on what she believes in, such as, LGBT+ rights and feminism. Her speeches are empowering and inspire all her fans. They are constant reminders that it’s okay to be yourself. This video, in particular, shows her expressing her opinion on the importance of gender equality.


Beautiful singing voice

Obviously from her three successful albums, it is clear she is a very talented girl!! We have included a throwback to when Ari used to post acapella covers on her YouTube channel. Her voice sounds stunning in ever song. The one we find ourselves going back to is this soothing version of her already beautiful song ‘Honeymoon Avenue’.


The best sense of humour

If you take a look at Ariana’s SnapChat you will see her being her hilarious and silly self! All of her skits on Saturday Night Live are iconic, they mix her acting talent and humour together. We particularly love this one as it has us crying from laughter throughout! This just adds to the reasons why we love her.


Dogs, dogs, dogs!

If you are ever on any of Ariana’s social media you will certainly find her posting about her dogs. With 8 and counting in the pack, she always shows her love for them! During an interview on The Tonight Show, her dog Toulouse makes an appearance. They talk about the adorably funny wink he does! We love her love for the dogs and cannot get enough of the cute puppy pictures.

We hope Ariana has a fabulous day for her 23rd birthday and cannot wait to see how she celebrates. Make sure you Tweet @CelebMix telling us why you love Ariana!

Written by CelebMix