Happy Birthday Kevin Richardson

Today, October 3rd, is a day we’re celebrating because it is Kevin Richardson’s birthday! The eldest member of the most popular selling boy band, the Backstreet Boys, turns 45 this year.

To celebrate, we’re going to share some messages from his most loyal fans and even share the most popular music videos from his group!

Music Videos

I Want It That Way

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely


As Long As You Love Me

In A World Like This

Fan Messages

Kevin’s fan base is shared among the other 4 members of his band, but the die-hard K-fans (and we’re talking the ones who loved him even during his break from the group) are all over social media to give him well-wishes for another year of being fantastic.

Sara – “Happy Birthday, Kevin! You’ve made an impression on me with every interaction I’ve been fortunate enough to have with you and I believe that you’re leaving the same impression on the entire world. Thanks for being an amazing human being. Here’s to many, many more!”

Katie – “Happy birthday to the hottest 45 year old I have ever met! I have said for years now that you get more stunning with age, it’s still true! You are the big brother, you keep the boys and the fans straight. Every time I see you, you always make sure I enjoy myself. The first time I met the guys you hugged me. A few months later on my first cruise, Nick half-assed my requested hug and you swooped in to “give [me] a real hug.” That hug is still one of the best ever. And it’s one of my favorite moments with you and Nick. I love seeing your love and devotion for Kristin and the boys, it is truly an example. I hope you get to relax today after the crazy promo for Vegas.”

Analia – “Dear Kevin: I wanna wish you the perfect birthday with your lovely family. Thank you for giving us the best years of your life. Your voice is the greatest gift to all your fans around the globe. I LOVE YOU. Always with love & peace.

…and here are a few tweets to celebrate!




Kevin Richardson will always be an important member to the music world. We’ve been graced with his presence for 45 years, and hopefully many more!

Happy birthday, Kevin!

Written by CelebMix