Happy Birthday Liam Payne

Liam Payne has been called the superhero of One Direction, and the name perfectly suits him.  From literally saving a friend’s life to showing fans, over and over again, how important they are and how much the band loves them; he’s been credited as the reason that people believe in themselves and someone you’d be lucky to have support you.

Today, Liam turns 23 and we thought he deserved a special shout out.  From the countless times he’s stolen our hearts with his charity work and kindness to the way he loves his lads, friends, and family more than anything; we’re truly blessed to live in a world with Liam in it.

So to you Liam, Happy Birthday, and thank you.  Thank you for being an inspiration to everyone who loves you, a source of light for everyone who looks up to you, and a vote of confidence to any person who needs some help believing in who they are.  You’ve always stayed true to who you are, embraced your individualism, and brought with you a type of unique light that has been a guide for so many people who love you. You’ve supported the dreams, hopes, and decisions of everyone around you and never asked for anything in return.

You’ve made fans feel like the only person in the crowd at your shows, you’ve dedicated parts of your life and your heart to charities and making your own community better.  You’ve congratulated other artists on their accomplishments and been a ray of sunshine to the members of your family who proudly watch you travel the world and chase your dreams.  You’ve made us all laugh, made us cry, made us proud, and more than that, made us believe in ourselves; for that, you can’t be thanked enough.

We wanted to use this occasion to show Liam the same kind of support and respect he gives to everyone as he pursues his solo projects and endeavors during One Direction’s hiatus.  We asked fans on Twitter what they loved about Liam and the responses we received show how incredibly special he is to millions of people all across the world.



We could have gone on forever with all the kind things said about Liam, but it’s nothing you haven’t heard before, he inspires us all.

Thanks for being you Liam, we look forward to every part of the future with you. Enjoy 23!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.