Happy Birthday Louis Tomlinson

Being born on Christmas Eve is kind of like being born as a gift to the world, which is the perfect explanation as to why Louis Tomlinson’s birthday falls on December 24th. From his overwhelming talent to his compassionate heart, the world is a more beautiful place because of Louis, and his fans all credit him for making their own lives better too.

Today, Louis turns 25 and we’d usually do a post on 25 reasons we’re thankful for him and include some good gifs and tweets, but today, we wanted to be a bit more personal than that. This year was one of the most difficult in Louis’ life and instead of letting on that anything was wrong; he continued to work hard, encourage others, smile his big bright smile, and make the people in his life – especially his mom – extremely proud.

This birthday is obviously different from his previous celebrations, but Louis is strong and surrounded with love and light and there’s no doubt that the people who are close to his heart are doing everything in their power to make sure he feels like the center of the universe; rightfully so.

To Louis, an inspiration to all of us here at CelebMix; we hope 25 is good to you, as your mom said, you deserve some sweet happiness.


You’ve overcome the odds, you’ve overcome adversity, you’ve overcome wrongdoings and you’ve overcome fear. You probably gave a lot of other people credit for that strength, for that determination, for that fight in your heart, but it’s time you gave yourself credit for all of the times someone has told you that you couldn’t do something and you did it anyway. For the times you’ve been hurt but managed to take the high road and continue living, for the nights you’ll take the stage and instead of seeing your mom in the crowd, you’ll look up to the sky and know she’s resting in peace there.

You’ve been a beacon of strength for years, before we even knew you, the kind of man you are is a testament to the kind of woman your mother was. She instilled love and compassion, bravery and kindness, strength and forgiveness…she instilled pride in your heart, pride that you deserve to embrace with open arms.

You don’t know it, or maybe you do, but you’ve saved a lot of us. See this year, for many of your fans – for many reasons – was a year of struggle but we looked at you and realized that even people who are so resilient and seemingly have the world at their feet will struggle too, but you never let it ruin you. Never let it determine your worth. You never let struggle have the final word. You have the final word instead, it’s yours. Right now you’re fighting the hardest battle you’ve ever fought, but you’re doing so – and you have been doing so – with grace and beauty and that same eye-crinkling smile that makes us all love you so much. So many people feel like they can’t do it anymore, but then they see you, and they try again.

The people we love never really leave us, they are never really gone. Your mom, she’s everywhere. She’s in your eyes and your smile, your heart and your spirit. She’s in your sisters and your little brother, in their laughs and their tears, in their voices and in their own strengths. She’s in the wind and the sun and even the rain; she loved you with the love of a thousand lifetimes, you’ll never be without it, without her.

You were a gift to your mother, a Christmas eve baby, and this first birthday without her physical presence is going to be hard for you, but you’ll get through it with the love of your family and your friends and the knowledge that she’s never so far away that you can’t find her; she’ll always be everywhere that you go, too.

We hope you find pieces of her today and every day; we hope the memories of her close to your heart today are fond, and we hope that you take a moment to appreciate yourself because you spent your 24th year doing more for your family, your mother, and the people who love you than they’ll ever be able to thank you for.

Today and always, the entire world is rooting for you; hopefully you feel that. You’ve given us a lifetime of memories and we can only hope to support you while you make new ones with the most beautiful angel heaven has ever seen watching you too. Celebrate today, she’s with you.

We love you, we are proud of you, and we hope this year and all the rest of them are good to you; you deserve it.


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.