Happy Birthday, Luke Cutforth!

Today is Luke Cutforth known to YouTube as LukeIsNotSexy’s birthday and to celebrate we thought we’d do a rundown of our 5 favourite videos of his.

How To Beautiful

The video itself does have a good message being that everyone is beautiful and you don’t need to change anything about yourself. However, it does it in an amusing way which we do recommend watching.

Song About A Girl

To celebrate Luke reaching 300,000 subscribers he decided to make a song, but he didn’t do it alone. With the help of his roommate at the time, Patty Walters who is the lead singer of punk band As It Is, he wrote and filmed a song. Patty also features in the video he made for the song as the girl that Luke is singing about. The song mixed with the brilliant video is just one of the reasons why we love it so much.

How To Be Pop Punk

This video is one that shows the making of ‘A Song About A Girl’ which also stars Patty Walters. It also contains Patty trying to teach Luke how to play guitar and drums. He got the hang of it… In the end. You also get to see some of the recording process of the song, so if you want to see how ‘A Song About A Girl’ came about, then watch this

Heads Up Challenge

This video features YouTuber Dodie Clark and involves Luke and Dodie playing the Heads Up Challenge and is extremely humorous. Between Luke’s animal impressions, more specifically a walrus, and the whole of the acting it out round, there’s definitely something to laugh at.

The Arthur Braxton video

This video may not be the most exciting video to some, but as a fan of LukeIsNotSexy this video and the story it was telling to the viewer was a really important part of Luke’s life, and a really proud moment was caused due to it in the minds and hearts of fans. This video showed that Luke’s dream was in the process of becoming a reality, and his fans from across the globe were all equally happy and proud of him for being able to do this. At this point, the Arthur Braxton film was still partially a dream and funding still needed to be raised, but that did happen and here Luke is, making a film.

Here at CelebMix, we just want to wish Luke Cutforth a very happy birthday!

Written by CelebMix