Happy Birthday Zayn Malik. Yours Sincerely, CelebMix.

Strength can be defined as the quality or state of being strong, capacity for exertion or endurance or power to resist force.  Strength can also be defined as Zayn Malik who used his 22nd year to take control of his own life, his own destiny, and in the process – proved that even out of darkness, light will shine.

At the beginning of his 22nd year, Zayn was preparing – with Louis, Liam, Harry, and Niall – for the kick off of their fourth world tour.  Zayn would join the band for the first few shows before leaving the tour citing stress as the reason and a week later leaving One Direction altogether.  It was something that fans weren’t expecting, but also not something totally off the map if you looked a little closer.  Zayn’s decision wasn’t an easy one, but a necessary one, as he recently explained in a Billboard interview.

“It was like a f—– machine going constantly”

Zayn has since slowed down his life, his process, and begun making music that better suits him as an individual.  While there were obvious bumps in the road during 2015, from fights online with one of his best mates to rumors that painted him in a negative light, it looks like towards the end of the year he really found his own footing, his own voice, and he’s not letting anyone take that away from him again.

That is strength

Zayn’s 2015 was also full of positive moments too.  He won an Outstanding Contribution to Music Award at the Asian Awards, signed with RCA Records on July 29th, and announced that his first single off of his solo album would be called BeFour in November though we’ve still yet to hear it.  He also spent some time getting to learn more about himself with a week in the Angeles Forest while writing his new album and he’s even made the move to Bel Air in Los Angeles.  There were many big changes in Zayn’s life during his 22nd year – his 23rd is only guaranteed to hold more.

So Happy Birthday to you Zayn Malik.  Happy birthday to someone who made a decision to put himself first, even if it meant being misunderstood for doing so.  Happy birthday to someone who should be hailed a hero for looking out for his own mind, body, and soul and chasing the path to being himself.  Happy birthday to someone who’s become an idol, a music legend, a hero – on his own terms, and someone who gave fans of One Direction almost five incredible years of memories.

Happy birthday to someone who is sure to set the world on fire in 2016, to someone who has so much determination and passion that it couldn’t be contained.  Happy birthday to someone who loves with his heart on his sleeve, to someone who realizes the importance of family, friendship, and staying close to the people who know you for who you are.

Happy birthday to someone who can count their losses, learn from their mistakes, and strive to make a better life for not only just yourself – but the people who’ve carved out room in your heart.

We hope your 23rd year is incredible, you truly deserve it. 

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.