Happy Eight Years Of Gossip Girl

“Good morning, Upper East Siders. Gossip Girl here!”

That one famous line at the beginning of every episode of  Gossip Girl will stay with the shows dedicated fans for the rest of our lives, and today, we’re celebrating eight magical years of the show that had everyone asking “Who is Gossip Girl?” for six whole seasons.

That being said, as the show came to an end and Gossip Girl was revealed, many fans were left broken hearted by the fact that it had actually ended. Regardless of its end, Gossip Girl is still one of the more popular series to watch on Netflix.

So in celebration of eight years with everyone’s favorite anonymous blogger, we’ve decided to share our top 8 Gossip Girl moments with you.


  1. Rufus & Lily’s Secret Love Child – Now we won’t tell you who it is if you don’t already know, but this was definitely one of the biggest OMG’s of the show.
  2. Who’s the father? – Remember that time Georgina Sparks got pregnant and had a baby? We sure do! Now, do you remember who wasn’t the father? That one got everyone by surprise.
  3. Little J & Nate – No one ever thought Jenny Humphrey would end up with an Archibald, but she surprised us all when she and Nate got together for a few episodes, giving the show what was considered by many to be the best and worst love affair of all time.
  4. Princess Blair – Need we say more? The unofficial princess of New York almost became the actual Princess of Monaco, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats for weeks.
  5. Vanessa VS Serena – What’s a TV show without a good love triangle? While viewers were busy choosing between Vanessa and Serena for who Dan should date, the writers were busy setting him up with Blair later on in the season.
  6. Bart Bass – We always thought My Chemical Romance would have the most famous fake death but it turns out Brat Bass outdid them and came back, only to die yet again.
  7. Charlie – Who is Charlie? We thought she was one girl for the longest time, but it turns out she was another, and just when we thought the situation couldn’t get any worse, even Georgina decided to make an appearance.
  8. Gossip Girl? – Now we definitely won’t spoil this for you, but we must admit that when Gossip Girl was revealed, half of the nation was in utter disbelief. It was definitely the biggest and best plot twist of all time.

So, that’s our top eight moments in celebration of the eight years we’ve been graced with Gossip Girl. What are some of your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments below, and if you want to catch up on all the Gossip Girl action, all six seasons are available on Netflix for your enjoyment.


Written by CelebMix