Happy Two Year Larryversary!

If you’re a Larry Stylinson fan, or have people in your life that are, you’ve probably noticed a heap of expectant tweets over the last week about a special Larryversary.

On September 28th of 2013 there existed a very interesting turn of events, unique fan encounters, and suggestive tweets made by people who are close to Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.  The tweets followed into the next day and while fans went crazy trying to piece together what it all could mean.  Although nothing cemented was ever discovered [this is the One Direction fandom, the only cement thing we really ever have is the knowledge that Niall is Irish] fans have come to hail the day as an anniversary of sorts between Louis and Harry.


The number 28 has always been important to Louis, serving as the number on his ear piece and on important jerseys as well.  I don’t know about you but when a number is important to me for something like an anniversary or a birth date of someone I love, I try to incorporate it into my life in special ways.  Seems like Louis does the same.

Louis and Harry, regardless of their romance, have had a special relationship since the beginning of The X-Factor; some fans believe they knew each other before they even showed up to audition.  They’ve had a soulmate level bond that has only grown and transformed over the years and although it’s become less obvious to the general public, it’s become more obvious in important ways to the fans who pay attention.

The duo are infamous in mirroring each other, on stage and off.  The act of mirroring usually happens in relationships where you spend so much time with a person you actually start to mimic their behaviors and movements subconsciously.

Even though the boys being as interactive at their shows as they used to be has been severely toned down, the mirroring between the two of them has only intensified.  The secret glances, body turns during songs, and lyric changes have grown too.  It seems to fans that these two will find a way to reassure not only each other, but the fans, in any way they can that they get their happy ending.

Harry Styles has also been seen sporting a Topaz ring, almost every day, and Larry fans have said this likely correlates with their relationship as well.  Topaz is not only Louis’ birthstone but is said to be a symbol of love and affection, as well as a token given on anniversaries and is said to be an aid to ones sweetness and disposition.

During a specific interview when it was said that some people get engaged for years, Harry played with this specific ring.

Anyone also remembering the Harry tweet about Louis being sweet without sugar?

Harry has also been seen recently wearing a pearl necklace.  While it’s not known when it first made its appearance, he’s been drawing attention to it as of late.

The pearl necklace showing up around the time of what could be an important anniversary between Louis and Harry is a lovely gesture and Harry wearing clothes that draw attention to it only help prove it’s importance.  A pearl necklace is given before weddings or around anniversaries to celebrate or reminisce special moments of a couples life together.


I personally believe Louis and Harry had some type of bonding ceremony in 2013 as Harry and Louis would save their wedding until it could be public, without the stigma of closets, wooden or glass.  I believe important people close to the boys were there and watched them dedicate themselves to one another in the best way they could with what they have.  I believe the date serves as a reminder to the two that they can overcome anything that’s thrown in their path as long as they’ve got each other, and they do, for eternity.

Regardless of what you think happened on that date in 2013 it is obviously something important to the boys, their friends and family, and the fans.

Happy 2 year Larryversary!



Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.