Harmonizers Come Together to Make A Difference

Directioners have been known to have some crazy awesome charity projects, but they’re not the only ones who hold them. Fans of Fifth Harmony, known as Harmonizers, have been working with their own project this holiday season in hopes to give back to their communities and to help bring education to kids in need.

At the end of November the Twitter account @5HonTour launched #5HPayItForward. They posted the picture below, as well as a link to their blog post about it.

On their blog post, they explained they were inspired by one of Dinah’s posts on Facebook.

The first part of the project is honoring the Ofa Atu nonprofit organization by giving back to the community… Being kind to someone else, even if you don’t know them. On their blog post, @5HonTour gave the following examples.

  • Buy an extra coffee on your way to school/work and give it to someone who could use it. Homeless people will appreciate a hot beverage.
  • Ask your local community kitchen if they need help. Maybe you could cook something or help them serve meals.
  • Your community pantry may be in need. Donate some food.
  • Donate your spare clothes you don’t wear anymore to those in need.
  • Your local shelter may need help. They might need sheets or blankets.
  • That elderly couple you see carrying their groceries home might appreciate two more hands.
  • Offer help to a kid from your school doing poorly in a subject. Maybe some extra lessons might help him/her pass.
  • Someone look sad? Ask them what’s wrong. Maybe all they need is someone to hear them.
  • Buy a gift for someone that might not be getting one this Christmas.

The second part of the campaign is supporting “Pencils of Promise”, which is an organization that “builds schools, trains teachers and funds scholarships”. So far, Harmonizers have raised over $2,500. According to PoP, that’s ten secondary scholarships or education for a year for one-hundred children.

The original goal was $1,250, and since that goal was reached, it has been raised twice. The current goal is $3,000. Right now, Harmonizers are only three-hundred dollars away from that goal. To donate and learn more about “Pencils for Promise”, you can click here.

It’s absolutely incredible when fandoms come together to do something great. Will you be joining the Harmonizers with #5HPayItForward? Are you participating in any other holiday campaigns run by fandoms? Tell us in the comments, or on our Twitter at @CelebMix.


Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at jesslaurenb@yahoo.com.