Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Are Probably Not Moving In Together

After Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles were photographed together on holiday in St. Barts (with a yacht full of other people) rumors about a rekindled romance between the two ran rampant.  There have been a number of wild headlines and some interesting commentary about their relationship status from people who aren’t Harry or Kendall for the last couple of weeks.

Now In Touch Magazine has posted another begging for clicks headline including the names of both Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner.  We are sure they’re expecting all types of fans to believe it since they have yet another unnamed source as their confidant.  We know how absolutely, 100%, totally factual those statements are, now don’t we?

So the latest gossip? Harry and Kendall are so sure they’re meant to be that they’re already moving in together!  Yep, that source spilled all the tea when they let the magazine know that Harry would be moving into Kendall’s LA home while she will stay at Harry’s place when the two are in London!

Forget the fact that Harry is already known to have his own home in LA, and we are sure Kendall has a place to stay in London as well, but we’ll absolutely trust this source when they say the two are abandoning their own places to be together!  We wonder if they have matching monogrammed robes yet?!

If not, may we suggest that they get some, and then get an extra two for Lauren and Louis?! We’re kidding (mostly).

We say again, if one trip to St. Bart’s means that we’re not only dating one of the many people that we get seen on the yacht with, but also that our romance is so strong that we’re moving in together, we have a list of suitors we’d like to take on our own St. Bart’s trip!

Ryan Gosling, Nick Jonas, Ruby Rose, Perrie Edwards, Shemar Moore – are any of you free for a tropical getaway soon?  We’ll be waiting! We’ll also be waiting for these ridiculous rumors to go away! Kendall and Harry are obviously close friends – we’re here for that.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.