Has Harry Styles Signed with DawBell PR?

In December of 2015 it was announced that HJPR, One Direction’s PR agency, would close.

“After 12-and-a-half years working together we have both decided that the time has come for us to part company and move on to new projects.”

HJPR, led by Simon Jones and Jonathan Hackford released that statement before following it up with saying they were proud of what they’d accomplished together in the last 12 years and were looking forward to setting up individual PR agencies and working with respective clients and management companies.

Few people were more happy about the split than fans of One Direction, seeing as it seemed that their PR team did a whole lot of sleeping during the time they were supposed to be looking out for Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn before his March 2015 departure.   There were a number of situations in which the boys of One Direction not only deserved, but required, someone on their team to deny rumors, assist the boys in making their own media statements, and helping counteract false negative rumors about them, but were met with nothing but silence.

Fans of One Direction were excited to see where the boys would sign upon their return, knowing they deserved much better than the likes of what they’d dealt with for the last five years.  While there hasn’t been much movement for the band as a whole moving forward, and there shouldn’t be any expected as they’re nearing their official hiatus, it does appear, as a celebrity, Harry Styles has individually signed with a new PR team.

It was announced via social media on January 26th that Harry had been picked up by DawBell PR agency, while he is not an added client to their website yet, nor has an official statement been made, this remains a rumor – but one that fans of the band are embracing.

DawBell represents clients such as Paul McCartney, James Corden, Pharrell Williams, and Gary Barlow – both as an individual and part of Take That.

It’s been said on multiple occasions that Liam, Niall, Harry, and Louis plan to work on solo projects so getting their own PR agents is something to be expected.  We anticipate each of the boys making wise decisions that not only enhance their personal future endeavors, but also set up a platform for the band to find much more suitable representation once they return from their hiatus.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.