Is Harry Styles Going To Appear On KUWTK? We Aren’t Holding Our Breath

In case you needed yet another reason to see how completely transparent the relationship rumors surrounding Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner are; another laughable headline graced the Twitter feeds of One Direction fans this afternoon.

Harry Styles has always stayed out of the spotlight, especially where his romance is concerned.  The exciting “in the spotlight” life that some celebrities enjoy has never appealed to Harry.  He doesn’t like what being famous usually means or how people use the term to bring people down more than to build them up.

“Insiders” are now saying that ”momager’ Kris Jenner has demanded Harry Styles appear on KUWTK and the welcome sentence into the article is as much laughable as it is insulting to Harry.

“Harry Styles has gone from international singing sensation to reality television guest star.”

Seriously? Way to value Harry as a person!

So now, we are supposed to believe that Harry and Kendall are dating, packing their things to move in together, and that Harry will join the rest of the Kardashians on their television show and double dates planned by none other than Kris herself.  I wonder if Harry knows his schedule for the next couple months yet, does he have any say in this?

We don’t think he needs one as there’s absolutely nothing that leads anyone to believe Harry and Kendall are anything more than friends other than those silly “insiders” and “sources” that get all this information that absolutely never goes anywhere!  Just ask Nadine – we don’t remember her ever moving in with Harry, come to think of it, neither did Taylor – but the magazines all promised it was coming.

Is Harry Styles Going To Appear On KUWTK? We Aren't Holding Our Breath 2


Funny that.

One of the more insulting rumors that’s come from this situation so far is that Kris paid Harry to vacation with her family – people were actually made to believe that Harry is the kind of person who would take money for something like that.

Harry Styles has shown fans many sides of himself from a generous soft spoken young man in front of the cameras, to a comedian among friends, to a loving son and brother, and a man who gets hurt when rumors call him a womanizer or someone who puts value on fame and fortune.  He’s never shown fans a side of himself that would give anyone leverage to make such harsh accusations against him; yet people continue to post attention grabbing headlines at his expense.

Now someone who is known to care more for fame than substance is Kris, and by the way she micromanages her family we aren’t surprised to hear that she is trying to cash in on Harry and Kendall’s friendship.  We just don’t think Harry is going to play along; I mean he’s still spending his down time in the UK truly enjoying his down time.

We doubt we’ll be seeing any Hendall double dates with Kanye and Kim soon, and if he does end up on an episode of KUWTK we’re sure it won’t be because he fought his way to get into the spotlight or because he’s taking payments to be seen with the Kardashians.

That is simply not who he is.


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