Harry Styles; A Vision In Rainbow

Harry Styles has always been a voice of kindness and equality.  He’s shown this in tweets, instagram photos, and during concerts when he spoke of social issues, namely, equality for love.

Harry has been a long time supporter of love being for everyone, no matter your race or gender, no matter if you love a man as a woman, or a man as a man.  Regardless of if you’re a woman in love with a man, or a woman who’d rather spend your life with another woman, Harry has shown you kindness.  Harry has made the commitment to letting the world know that love is love and love is beautiful.

Harry has done this in many ways, by wearing the jersey of one of the first openly gay NFL players Michael Sam, to tweeting congratulations to America when everyone was granted the right to marry, and even saying “not that important” in an interview when he was asked if being a female was an important trait in a partner for him.

Tonight in Buffalo Harry bent down to grab a folded rainbow flag off the stage and without giving it a second though Harry draped the flag over his arm and paraded it around.

This might seem like a simple gesture to some, but to many One Direction fans and young adults around the world, this was a statement.  Harry knows his every move is watched, not only by fans, but by the general public.  Fans at OTRABuffalo were not the only ones to experience the concert tonight; thanks to twitter, vine, and instagram, fans all over the world were able to experience the show, and it’s like this at every tour date.

Every night Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam perform they give their all to thousands of fans in attendance, and millions of fans at home.  These clips and photos are also seen in the following days by people who may not be large fans of the boys, or really, fans at all.  It’s a lovely thing to think about, and I believe that’s part of why Harry decided to do what he did this evening.

harry rainbow

Twitter responded quickly, and massively, to the kind gesture by Harry and most of the tweets were from fans who were in tears.  Most of the tweets came from thankful hearts housed in young people who have felt inadequate because their love is ‘the same’, they came from thankful hearts of people who have friends who have struggled with their sexuality and have seen the hurt first hand.  The tweets came from people who needed to feel like they belong, and Harry gave them that feeling.


Harry, as usual, you speak to all of us without having to say a word.  We are so incredibly thankful and so incredibly lucky to be fans of yours.

To anyone who felt like their voice didn’t matter, their story was only one of pain, or that their love made them less deserving of a happy ending; we at CelebMix sure hope you see this sign from Harry and feel differently.

Equality is happening, in smaller steps than it should, but it’s happening.

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Regardless of what your love looks like, if it’s real to you, it’s important.  Love is for everyone, love is the answer, love always wins.

Harry’s Mama thinks so too…

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.