Harry Styles and his Public image

Harry Styles and his Public image 1   So Harry Styles- world wide, house hold name, with his piercing green eyes, curly brown locks, and dimples deep enough to eat your cereal out of them, his reputation of being a “womaniser” or “Lothario” seems natural right?-Well it isn’t.
I often see articles on my timeline along the lines of; “Harry Styles, One Direction’s front man, has recently been seen with a random model! The pair have been seeing eachother for six months a close insider tells us. However, two months ago he was seen with another random model! Is the 1D hunk a cheater?”

I am sick of seeing this, the One Direction fandom is sick of seeing this, all the other fandoms are sick of seeing this, the Queen, Obama, my dog, and anyone who knows how to use the internet is sick of this. The language used about him such as ‘Hunk’ and ‘Lothario’ are outright offensive and downright wrong! They literally mean “a man who behaves selfishly and irresponsibly in his sexual relationships with women.” But he doesn’t?

So why are people sick of seeing Harry Edward Styles written and portrayed like this? Let me break it down for you (not in a rap):
He isn’t with anyone at the moment, and hasn’t ever had any public relationship other than *shudders* “Haylor” (Harry Styles and Taylor Swift), which fortunately only lasted a few months. When the whole Harry and Taylor thing ended, Swift carried on bringing up the two-month affair for months, and months, and months, and then album, and then another one. Every time an interviewer or pap brought it up, Harry handled it with pure grace saying “I don’t mind. They are good songs, and we all handle things differently. Who am I to judge?” I’m not sure about you, but in my opinion that’s a pretty chivalrous thing to do and say, especially after she had tried to embarrass him twice in public at the 2013 MTV VMA awards, and the 2013 BRIT awards.

So we know, he is mature, and this was proven by someone else trying to make him look immature, whilst they themselves are being immature.

He also has said previously “I have a lot of friends and some of them are girls. Apparently I’m dating all of them.” If he says he is or isn’t in a relationship (even though its none of your business), you have to believe him. You can’t blame it on management every time, and say it is a cover up for “Larry”, because at the end of the day it’s his decision, not managements.

He has a lot more control over his life then you all seem to think. Plus you’re supposed to be here for Harry and the band’s music, not his personal life.
But back to the original point accusing him of being a “Womanizer” isn’t a mature or Harry thing to do because he isn’t. He has a massive amount of respect for women, and he was brought up in an all female house so he knows how to treat them. He has the Kindest heart, and when he does meet someone he loves, and wants to be public with, he will love them with all of his heart and more.

You have no right to force a relationship on him, or assume he is in one and then give him false labels.

I hope you enjoyed my first article, and please reply with any feedback.
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Written by CelebMix