Harry Styles, James Corden, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson Kick Off #LateLateStyles

What could be better than Harry Styles making an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden? A week of Harry Styles making appearances on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and we are currently living that dream.

Harry kicked off his residency with James Corden on Monday’s episode and from the first clip where he makes a woman swoon, just by looking at her, to the final note of his performance of ‘Sign of the Times, Harry won audiences at home and the crowd at the show.

Harry wasn’t the only guest on tonight’s episode. Aaron Taylor-Johnson was there as well and talked about some film projects he’s got going on. He also spoke about how he’s not just an incredible actor – he’s recently taken up farming. He likes to cook, so they’ve got a garden and some chickens as well. He said some of them were lost recently and Harry joked that it may have been due to the cooking.

Harry started off mentioning his stage dive which sort of felt like floating and then…a sinkhole before moving on to the success of his new album and how glad he is that fans seem to like it so far. On the topic of success, he mentioned that his greatest achievement as a child was the year that he didn’t tell his mom what her birthday present was. That is until she’d begun to unwrap it. As she tore into the paper, he ended up spilling the beans, but he did keep it a secret for some time. We’re proud of you, young Harry.

He also spoke about filming the ‘Behind the Album’ documentary and said there wasn’t really anything ‘off limits’. His friend was the one who filmed the entire process and he was good at ‘not being there’ – in a good way.

The three moved on to one of James’ games ‘Flinch’ where James tries to make his guests flinch while standing behind a glass wall but this time, they added a British twist! They had to play the game with a spot of tea.

Not only did Aaron flinch as he stood behind the glass, Harry about lost his entire life because he wasn’t prepared either.

When it was Harold’s turn behind the glass – how handsome is he in his apron – he flinched as well. However, James didn’t move an inch when Aaron and Harry tried to throw him off of his game.

The episode ended with Harry singing ‘Sign of the Times’, but we should correct ourselves. He didn’t just sing SOTT, he made us all absolutely weak at the knees when he smashed the entire performance and looked so happy and confident while doing so. We are still in awe of everything that he is.

If you missed tonight’s episode, videos will be available online soon and make sure to tune in for the rest of the week AND for carpool karaoke on Thursday. It’s going to be a great week!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.