Harry Styles and Jimmy Fallon Make History on Saturday Night Live

On Saturday, April 15th, Saturday Night Live made history – and for more than one reason. The show went live, coast to coast, for the very first time and Harry Styles made his solo debut with not one, but two, songs. The episode wouldn’t have been complete without Jimmy Fallon as well. He and Harry work great together so the entire episode was amazing.

In addition to his two incredible songs, Harry took part in a couple of skits alongside Jimmy and for someone who laughs a lot, at himself and what’s going on around him, Harry kept it together pretty well.


The first skit they took part in together was a play on Family Feud – stars edition – and Harry was a constantly jiving Mick Jagger while Fallon took on the role of John Travolta. We tried explaining it – but it was impossible, you just have to watch it. The entire cast was absolutely spot on with their impressions; this one had to be our favorite.

They also joined together for a ‘Civil War Soldiers’ skit where Jimmy and Harry gave their opinions on how to give ‘Old New York’ a little bit extra. There was a bridge, some dancing, and a big fat hook that clearly lifted the spirits of the soldiers, and with the credits at the end, that was a good thing.

The other skits were hilarious as well. From news stories that were so accurate, you had to laugh to keep from feeling an overwhelming sense of doom to a college tour and a turtle shirt (it’s funny, we promise) – the episode was a hit.

Harry also executed his performances absolutely wonderfully. Which comes as no surprise at all. He’s always been amazing on stage, however, this was different. It was his first big solo performance since he auditioned for The X Factor so long ago. He rose to the occasion as he belted out the notes to both ‘Sign of the Times’ and ‘Ever Since New York’ – songs packed full of emotion – and stayed true to the ‘stage Harry’ we know and love with his dances and smiles as he sang.


He’s a born performer, he absolutely demands your attention but not in a way that’s brash at all. Instead, he invites you in and you’re hooked, immediately. It’s part of his charm.

We could sing his praises all day. Congratulations Harry, you did it.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.