Harry Styles and Leslie Odom Jr Give Stellar Performances at the #VSFashionShow

When it comes to fashion, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one of the most highly anticipated events every year. The models are stunning, the brand saves the sexiest, flirtiest, and most stunning lingerie of the season just for the show, and there are always incredible music acts to accompany them on their walk down the runway.

The acts this year were Harry Styles, Leslie Odom Jr, Miguel, and Jane Zhang. Each song was chosen to fit the look of the models perfectly, with all performers doing an incredible job. This year will definitely stand out as one of the best VS Fashion Shows.

However, this year, two of those acts made their way to the top of our list in the show’s history. Harry Styles and Leslie Odom Jr took the stage for two performances each, and they were absolutely beautiful. Both Styles and Odom Jr showcased their talent while still allowing the models to do what they do best – steal the show.

Styles opened the show with Kiwi as Candice Swanepoel took the first walk of the evening. The girls all seemed to float across the runway as they danced to the tune and hit stunning poses at the end of the catwalk. When fans first heard that Styles would be performing, we were sure Only Angel would be a song choice, but many of us hoped Woman would be the other performance. However, after seeing it all unfold with Styles singing one of his favorite live tunes – it couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.


Leslie Odom Jr. sang Forever Young and Winter Song as the show slowed down, the models walking with gorgeous wings and flowing kimonos. His vocal talent far surpasses that of many and his confidence, even when he’s not belting out lyrics yet singing them quietly, stuns the audience.


Styles also closed the show with another song off of his debut solo album, Only Angel. Like we said before, quite fitting, isn’t it?


Did you tune into the VS Fashion Show? What was your favorite performance? Let us know.

Written by Ashley

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