Harry Styles breaks his foot

Mere weeks after bandmate Niall Horan showed up wearing a cast on his foot – saying he doesn’t even know how he broke it, by the way – Harry Styles seems to be the next One Direction man down.

Today, amidst a day filled with promo for their new single ‘Perfect’ and upcoming album ‘Made in the A.M.’, poor Harry appeared to have hurt his foot as well, showing up at interviews wearing a cast similar to Niall’s.

At first, Harry was thought to be wearing Niall’s boot as a joke and let’s be honest, that’s a very Harry thing to do. However, one of the journalists who had the pleasure of interviewing the boys today confirmed that Mr. Styles himself is injured and has indeed broken his foot.

We wish both of the boys our best and hope that they’ll be back to running around on stage soon.

Written by CelebMix