Harry Styles Celebrates One Year of ‘Sign Of The Times’

On April 7th of 2017, fans of Harry Styles were finally given their first taste of his solo career. It was important for Styles to ‘spend time with his album’ before making sure the songs were not just right for the project, but right for himself.

It was an anxious experience for fans, we can say first hand that his solo career is one of the biggest debuts we’ve ever waited on in music. It was a new leaf for Styles, a way to express himself differently than he did in One Direction. It was more personal.

It also allowed a new type of fan to listen to his sound. Since One Direction announced their hiatus and have all released solo songs, fans are listening and praising them for their talent. Talent that was always evident when you looked past the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ image that the band had.

So with fans across the world listening, Sign Of The Times debuted and went on to set a standard. Sign Of The Times is credited with reaching #1 in the US faster than any other song. It also reached #1 in 95 countries and in the year of its release. It was also ranked the best song of 2017 by Rolling Stone.

The song clocks in at 5 minutes and 40 seconds with a 4 minute and 6-second radio edit with a stunning music video to go alongside it.

However, more important than statistics and numbers is the fact that the song was so personal and important to Harry. It kicked off his solo career and did so with a message that he was here to write music that meant something to him, to follow a sound that made sense to him.

On the anniversary of the debut, Harry sent a tweet out to fans, thanking them for everything up to his solo debut and since. Saying he’s ‘having the time of his life.’

We couldn’t be more proud.

Harry Styles is currently on his first solo world tour and fans are raving about the concert experience.

Written by Ashley

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