Harry Styles Debuts at Number 1 with Sign of the Times

There’s never a bad time to be a fan of Harry styles but today is an especially good day as his solo debut single sign of the times went to number one on the official charts.  After Spotify had streaming issues during the week of his debut, some were nervous that he wouldnt get the top spot that  he deserved.

However, fans went to work and streamed the song where they could, they set up drives to buy the song for those who couldn’t on their own, and even promoted the song by posting photos and flyers in their hometowns.

Harry took a risk with his debut single by not going in a typical pop direction. Instead, Harry came out with a song that means a lot to him personally and seems to be a show of what he hopes to be as a solo artist.  The song is a rock ballad and honestly, calling it a song almost seems to take away from what ‘Sign of the Times‘ is. It’s an experience, and a lasting one at that.

The lovely thing about Harry’s debut is that longstanding fans were absolutely ready to support his solo work, and it drew in a new audience as well. These factors made it possible for his talent and passion to reach the spot he deserved.

When an artist puts their heart and soul into their work, it’s undeniable. Harry has always made it a point to give his all to what he writes, both for One Direction and other artists. Now he gets to reveal an even deeper and more real side of himself and the wait for his album release is almost painful. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Harry, and with the glimpse we’ve been given, it looks like a rebirth.

No one deserves that opportunity more than he does. Congratulations Harry!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.