Harry Styles Debuts Beautiful Second Single ‘Sweet Creature’

Just weeks after Harry Styles made his solo debut with ‘Sign of the Times’, he’s back at it with his new single ‘Sweet Creature’. Both songs are featured on his debut, self-titled, album Harry Styles which will release on May 12th. Fans did get to hear another song from his album when he performed on Saturday Night Live in April. The song, ‘Ever Since New York’ is beautiful and vulnerable. It’s a side of Harry that we’ve only been able to see in glances, now, he’s embracing it in it’s fullest.

His second single was released just moments ago on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe – the song is called ‘Sweet Creature’ and we are already obsessed.

The song is different, much different, from ‘Sign of the Times’ and ‘Ever Since New York’. It’s more hopeful, more content, more grounded in love that survives even when it hurts, even in its faults. It’s a tune that makes you want to dance, sway around a living room with candles lit in the arms of someone that you love.

It’s a song that makes you want to go home, not to a house with four walls, not to a place that you fall asleep at night or cook your breakfast in the morning – it makes you want to go home to the heart that knows yours.

‘sweet creature
we’re running through the garden oh where nothing bothered us
but we’re still young…
I always think about you and how we don’t speak enough
I know when we started just two hearts in one home
I know it’s hard when we argue…we’re both stubborn i know
but oh,
sweet creature, sweet creature
wherever I go, you bring me home
sweet creature, sweet creature
when I run out of road, you bring me home’

This one will go down in history as one of the most poetic songs of Harry’s career, reminiscent a bit of ‘If I Could Fly’ – it’s beautiful, stunning with vocals, a soft beat in the background, and Harry’s vulnerable voice crying out. However, it’s just as stunning as words on paper, print on parchment.

In his Rolling Stone interview, it was quoted that Harry said this album was meant to be about love. Then just days after that magazine interview came out, Harry said the album was about himself. Harry is opening up every facet of his persona. His fears, his doubt, his success, and the emotion that’s always been the most important to Harry – love.

He promotes equality, he says love wins – always, and he truly embraces every moment he gets in this life and he brings with him a sense of overwhelming gratitude. It’s hard not to be in love with the world when you’ve got a heart as beautiful as Harry’s. It’s hard not to be smitten with the very idea of life when you look at it as a gift – and that’s what Harry does. It translates in his actions and his music.

‘Sweet Creature’ is it, and no, we haven’t heard the rest of the album, but we’re calling it now – this is one our favorite. You can hear the song on Apple Music or on Beats 1 where Zane Low will play the song again during his radio show.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.