Harry Styles Debuts ‘Ever Since New York’ on Saturday Night Live

‘Saturday Night Live’ went live coast to coast on Saturday night for the first time, marking a monumental moment in the show’s history. However, that wasn’t the only monumental moment happening on set. Harry Styles’ made his solo performance debut, singing ‘Sign of the Times’ which premiered on April 7th (and went to number 1) and his new song ‘Ever Since New York’.

‘Sign of the Times’ is an emotional tune that is close to Harry’s heart. Out of his entire album, it’s the one he’s most proud of. When he began promo for the song he revealed that he wrote about 70 ideas for his self-titled debut solo album, 30 became songs, and 10 made the cut for the album. Just days ago his tracklist was revealed and hours later, his album, as well as limited edition physical copies, were available for pre-order. The album will be available on May 12th.

While the wait for May 12th seems agonizing, fans were given another taste of Harry Styles with Harry’s second song of the night. As the musical guests on SNL secure two spots, fans were anxiously awaiting the second song he’d sing. After he gave out kiwi’s to fans waiting outside in NYC, speculation began that song number two would be ‘Kiwi’ because that’s just who Harry is as a person. However, Harry is also a big fan of not doing what’s expected of him. So ‘Kiwi’ didn’t get performed tonight. Instead, it was ‘Ever Since New York’.

‘I’ve been praying, I never did before
understand I’m talking to the walls
and I’ve been praying ever since New York’

Now, we’ve obviously not heard ‘Kiwi’ yet but Harry made an incredible choice with ‘Ever Since New York’. The song is beautiful, it’s soulful, and it was another nod to the talent that longtime fans have always seen radiate off of him. If you look through his music history, the songs he writes are always packed full of emotion; and this was no different.

We are in love with the tune, as to be expected, but not just because it’s a genuinely great song. We also love that the direction Harry went with this music was in one that is true to himself. It makes it more authentic and real. His music speaks to that, nothing else is important.

You can watch the performance below.


Written by Ashley

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