Harry Styles Finally Sang ‘Just a Little Bit Of Your Heart’ and We’re not Sure That we Survived

Fans of Harry Styles are currently trying to navigate through life by means of over-caffeinated beverages and a lot of undereye brighteners. Why, you may ask? Well, the answer is simple – Harry has officially kicked off his first solo world tour and with fans streaming the concerts and photos and videos being released for hours after he steps off stage – sleep is a thing of the past.

From his killer looks to his indescribable voice and confidence on stage as a solo artist, we can’t get past Harry on his first solo tour – and we’ve never been more proud. He’s singing his heart out with tunes like Kiwi and Carolina, slowing it down for Meet Me In The Hallway and Sign Of The Times and we can’t imagine anything better. Seriously, he has a different stage presence for each song and we’re in love with all of them.

One song, specifically, absolutely made our hearts skip a beat, and then another, and then we ugly-cried – just being honest – and we’re sure some of you did too. It goes without saying what song that was, but for any readers who may be in the dark, he finally sang his tune ‘Just a Little Bit Of Your Heart’ live. The song, which he wrote and was then made famous by Ariana Grande, is one fans have been waiting so long to hear from Harry. In fact, there were tweets where fans begged for just 3 seconds of the tune coming from him, and now we’ve heard it in full – and live.

We’re surprised we survived it at all, and we aren’t the only ones touched. Ariana Grande herself praised Harry’s version as ‘her favorite’ on social media.

So, if you’ve not yet seen it live (trust us, it’s life-changing) and are watching this video for the first time or if you’re just watching it again because you – like us – are obsessed, we encourage you to grab tissues and take a few deep breaths before you watch it.

It’ll break just a little bit of your heart, in the best way.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.