Harry Styles gets Quizzed on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio Show and it is Everything

When you think of Harry Styles, you easily think of an incredibly gorgeous person – both inside and out. He’s talented, funny, smart, and kind and that’s just the very short version of all that makes him so wonderful. While Harry’s got a fan base built all around the world, it’s full of more than just the age old (and so worn out) idea that the people who find him to be so brilliant are all prepubescent young girls.

When he sat down with Nick Grimshaw recently for his bit interview alongside the release of his solo single ‘Sign of the Times’ we saw some of that fanbase in a different light. Nick reached out to a few people who are massive fans of Harry and asked them to submit short video messages with questions for him to answer.

The questions came from Ronnie Wood (yeah, THE Ronnie Wood), Rita Ora, Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin, and the lovely Anne Twist herself. This segment was just released on BBC Radio 1’s YouTube channel and it’s not just an audio session, it’s the recorded video of their interview.

Chris Martin asking to work, regardless of the position, on Harry’s Fan Club had us in stitches, and if you look closely, it was hard for Harry to keep it together as well. There were also some ‘knee-slapping’ laughs after his mom’s video where Harry teased that she ‘put on a posh accent’. While we loved hearing the questions and shout outs from his friends, we have to admit, his barking laughter is the best part of the entire video.

It seems that as more time goes on, people are realizing that Harry’s fan base spans far and wide, and he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. It’s awesome to see this same support and compassion coming from his peers in the industry as well. What did you think of the interview segment? Which video submission was your favorite? Tweet us and let us know.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.