Harry Styles is ‘Another Man’

On September 25th, Harry Styles posted 3 blank photos on his Instagram account that many fans speculated could mean a fresh start was just on the horizon.  Most of Harry’s since the beginning of One Direction’s hiatus has truly been out of the spotlight and while he deserves it more than most, his presence has been missed. This morning however, he posted 3 more photos to Instagram and they are anything but blank.

Harry Styles is 'Another Man' 1

That right, Harry is gracing the pages of Another Man in three separate issue covers that originally rendered his fans speechless and have now caused an absolute uproar on social media. Another Man is a fashion magazine that also blends with art and culture and these covers definitely signify all three.  He is seen in three separate styles that show a mix of fashion, art, and culture and there’s no better man to embrace them all.

The photoshoot for Another Man was done in his hometown of Holmes Chapel and the team who worked with Harry, as well as his new PR company and the magazine itself, seem very excited to have worked on this project.  He was photographed by Alasdair McLellan and interviewed by Paul McCartney and Chelsea Handler and we anticipate that he is just as excited as everyone else is. The issue isn’t just a matter of incredible photos of Harry, it’s his first real interview since the band’s hiatus and his first acting role in Dunkirk, and it is focused solely on Harry – something that will inevitably go down in history.

It’s also a measure of a very true statement, Harry has embraced becoming ‘another man’ and his fans are more than ready for it. A lot has changed for the musician, songwriter, and now actor and if this fashion magazine is anything to go by, he may be adding yet another description to the many that already follow his name.

Harry has been a force in the entertainment industry for years now but it’s always been underneath the control of other people, and if one thing is for sure these days, he is calling the shots in his life now.  The very bright future that he’s created for himself is well deserved, well earned, and quite frankly, it’s been a long time coming.  His constant kindness, compassion, dedication to his craft, loyalty to One Direction, and overwhelming gratitude to every single person who he meets has always proven that Harry is an angel among men, and no one deserves the title more.

We are overwhelmingly excited to see what the future holds for Harry and can’t wait to continue watching Harry take the world by storm; he is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.