Harry Styles joins James Corden for #CarpoolHarryoke

Thursday’s episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden was a bit of an emotional one. When James introduced his guests he had the fondest look on his face when he thanked Harry for being with him all week. Harry’s energy draws people in, and his kindness keeps them there – it’s easy to see that he’ll be missed on the show.

Even though it was sad to see him go, James sent Harry out in style. First, there was the long-awaited Carpool Karaoke that they titled Carpool Harryoke, and then he closed the show with a performance of Kiwi that made fans go wild. Seriously, it was an out of body experience.


First, let’s talk about Carpool Karaoke! The ride started with ‘Sign of the Times’ where the pair sang their hearts out, you could see the emotion on Harry’s face, even just singing it in the car with his pal. After the song, he actually said that it’s an emotional song, it makes him cry sometimes.

In a cool way.

Then they moved to Sweet Creature and it’s still one of our favorite tunes on the album. It’s just…well…sweet. James wanted to talk to Harry about fashion next and how he can literally pull off anything. From a ‘golf’ sweater to a mesh tank top and even a skin tight gold glittery number; Harry did, in fact, pull all of the looks off.

Are we surprised? Nope.


‘Hey Ya’ was the next tune and we danced along with them at home. That song is one of those timeless jams where you remember all the lyrics, without realizing it, and it sounds good no matter what.

Romcoms were next, and we all know Harry loves a good tear-jerker love story. They reenacted scenes from Notting Hill and Titanic – if you didn’t watch the entire carpool karaoke, go back and do it. You won’t want to miss those.

The pair wrapped it up with ‘Endless Love’ before successfully getting James to work. However, a full version was available later which showed them also rocking out to ‘Kiwi’. You can see it below.

Next to One Direction’s carpool Karaoke, this is one we’ll definitely watch again and again. Did you love the episode? Let us know!

Written by Ashley

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