Harry Styles’ Compassion Is More Important Than ‘Every Woman He Has Ever Been Linked To’

If you’ve taken a look at social media today, you’ve almost certainly seen snaps of the list titled “Every Woman Harry Styles Has Ever Been Linked To”. It’s compiled of basically any female who’s been so much as breathing within 5 feet of Harry and eludes to most of them being presumed romantic conquests. It seems that since it’s 2016 and Harry has, for years, hated the ‘womanizer’ image that the media pushed on him, these stories would be a bit played out by now; you’d hope that people would show Harry the same respect he shows to the world – but unfortunately, things don’t play out that way.

harry and women

While their list included some big names like Caroline Flack, Lindsay Lohan, and Taylor Swift; it left out the some females who have seen the side of Harry’s heart that truly matters – the girls he has expressed love, kindness, and compassion towards. It left out the stories that matter.

4. When Harry helped a trampled fan outside YSL


Harry was shopping at Saint Laurent and upon his exit fans and paparazzi swarmed him for photos.  During the fiasco a younger fan was trampled and seemed to injure her ankle.  Harry stopped, asked fans to give her space to breathe, and waited until he was calm and okay to hug her, pose for a photo, and make sure she’d be alright.  Instead of worrying about his own safety first, or rushing to the car, he put the fan first and not only came to her aid, but made sure she had a special moment with him afterwards.

3. When Harry made sure a crying fan was alright

Harry met some fans in the middle of July and for one fan specifically, it was an emotional experience.  The girl cried upon seeing Harry and he comforted her with a hug and by asking, over and over, if she was alright as she managed to calm down.  The fan’s friends giggled at her and told her she was supposed to save the crying until after he’d left, but she just couldn’t contain hold it in.  Harry takes the time to not only make sure emotional fans are okay, but to let them know that they’re not silly for crying and that he loves them just as much as they love him.  It’s good to be a fan of Harry Styles.

2. When Harry stopped a One Direction concert to tell a girl to pick someone supportive

The lads of One Direction love doing sign reading during their concerts, and at this particular one; a girl held up a sign that said she’d been dumped.  Upon Harry asking her why she replied “because I’m here”.  Harry frowned at the response and shook his head before telling the young girl, “You don’t want a boyfriend like that anyway. You don’t. I’m telling you. You want someone who is supportive.”  There’s no doubt in our minds, or the minds of anyone, that she probably never gave that horrible ex a second thought after Harry’s words of kindness.

1. When Harry comforted a fan after a panic attack


This is one of our favorite fan interactions between Harry and the people who love him. Ruth had a panic attack after realizing that she was so close to her idols. Harry broke through the barriers, even after security advised him not to, and held ruth while talking to her calmly until she was able to take some deep breaths. She apologized for being a ‘loser’ for crying in front of Harry and he assured her that she wasn’t one at all. The way he embraced her and, maybe without knowing, helped piece her back together, so effortlessly shows how much he cares about his fans and how grateful he is for each one of them.

These are just four of the many times that fans have met Harry and been absolutely taken by his kindness and compassion.  We could have gone on all day!  Whether fans found themselves crying, panicked, or dumped for going to a concert – Harry never missed an opportunity to let them know how important they were.

If you’re looking for a list of women who are linked to Harry Styles for more reasons than rumored romances, check out the stories of the endless care he shows to the people who support him.  Check out the way he treats his mum and sister, the way he supports feminism, and the way that he treats every fan (both male and female) like they’re worth the entire world.

That heart of gold is pretty bright Harry.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.