Harry Styles’ Month in Review

Since the boys of One Direction launched their solo careers, it’s been almost impossible to keep up with everything they’ve been doing. From movie premieres to single releases, killer music videos and summer radio shows, interviews, and guest spots; they’re staying busy and so are we.

So here at CelebMix, we’re going to look at each month in review for our favorite boys, check out some highlights, some of our favorite moments, and hopefully, chat with you about some of yours.

One word to describe July for Harry Styles is this film title. Dunkirk. Harry’s role in the movie was more than we expected and we are so proud of how brightly he shone. Christopher Nolan’s take on the Battle of Dunkirk was an incredibly intense experience for the audience but for the actors, it was even more real. Nolan wanted it to be a film that left a lasting impression.

Harry’s role as Alex was captivating, and while we don’t want to spoil it for any of you who didn’t see it, he played a huge part in telling the story. His character wanted to get home safely, no matter what it took.

From the Roundtable Featurette to the NYC premiere, fans were given the opportunity to hear from Harry himself how it felt to take on the role of Alex and to make his acting debut in a Christoper Nolan film. The entirety of the London premiere of the film was broadcast live and later placed on YouTube. As far as production, casting, promo, storytelling, and even score goes – Dunkirk nailed every single part of the movie experience.

In addition to Dunkirk, Harry became a new record holder, was announced to have the most handsome eyes and chin via a scientific study and was nominated for his first solo VMA. So we’d say he had an incredible month.

The record we mentioned wasn’t just a good album he bought this month, he actually holds the record now of being the ONLY person in entertainment to have a number 1 album, single, and film at the same time.

The whole handsome eyes and chin thing? Well, it was announced that via the Golden Ratio, Harry’s eyes and chin are literally the most handsome. The ratio measures the distance between eyes and the width of the chin. Harry’s eyes were 98.15 percent of the perfect ratio and his chin was 99.7.

So, we’re not at all surprised by this information, but it’s nice to see that there’s a study that backs us up.

Like we said earlier, Harry is the first entertainer to have a number 1 film, single, and album. While he didn’t put out a new album or single this month, he is set to release his second single ‘Two Ghosts’ to radio next month and his debut solo album is still a heavy talked about topic in the music world. His work just doesn’t stop.

It’s a testament to who he is as an entertainer that his debut solo album was a collection of songs he enjoyed and that he has done so much growing in the few months his film and album have been in the spotlight. While each month seems to be great for Harry, July truly was one for the books.

Written by Ashley

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