8 Of Our Favorite Harry Styles Outfits

Harry Styles has been known for his keen sense of fashion. Whether he’s flaunting some sparkles onstage or keeping it casual while walking around the streets of Los Angeles, California, he always knows what to wear it and how to wear it well. Let’s be honest, he can pull off anything he wears, have you seen the carpool karaoke episode with James Corden? We’ve watched it so many times, along with other carpool karaoke episodes.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite looks from over the years.

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Back when Harry was doing promo for his debut self-titled album, he posed for the camera outside the BBC studios before he went in to be interviewed by Nick Grimshaw. He flaunted a red and white plaid suit with black shoes.

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Back in 2013, Harry showed off his fall style by wearing a pair of boots, jeans, a red flannel, grey shirt, and a brown jacket that really pulls the outfit together.

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Harry wore an animal print shirt with a long jacket with black pants to a fashion show back in 2014.

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Rocking a black suit with a pink shirt underneath, Harry entertained the crowd, along with plenty of Victoria’s Secret Angels, at the 2017 Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

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The iconic hand shirt, the one you where you can buy a look a like on Etsy for $23.00. We’ve been tempted to buy one! Harry wore this shirt to another fashion show.

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The famous Gucci purple, gold and silver suit personally designed for Harry to wear on his 2018 world tour.

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Everyone who is a fan of Harry knows that he loves Gucci. With a wool jacket over his shoulder, Harry wore a black Gucci sweatshirt with black pants and boots.

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Harry wore a very black and white floral Gucci suit to the 2015 American Music Awards that got a lot of attention.

There are plenty of other iconic outfits that Harry was worn throughout the years, but, these were just some of our favorites.

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