Harry Styles Performs with Stevie Nicks in Los Angeles

Harry Styles set up yet another secret show for his fans today. This time, it was in Los Angeles and the proceeds went to another charity, Safe Place for Youth. The shows that he is setting up are not only wonderful for his fans, they benefit people who need the assistance and his heart is still the most beautiful. He’s constantly redefining the ‘celebrity’ image and a lot of people are taking notice.

The secret show tonight was at The Troubador and fans were once again, able to purchase tickets with cash and had to be the ones to redeem them at the door. Those lucky fans were in for a treat. Not only did they see Harry this evening, they got to see Stevie Nicks as well – the two performed a few songs together and at one point, Harry even sat down and watched Stevie talk.

Leather and Lace, Landslide, and Two Ghosts were performed by the pair and fans in the audience and at home completely lost their minds. There are video clips on Twitter and on stylist Lou Teasdale’s Instagram story. You won’t want to miss them.


Harry got emotional, undeniably so, he performed with one of his idols and they sounded incredible together. We’re so proud of Harry’s journey and always in awe of his talent and passion. He’s a rare soul, we’re privileged to be his fans. If we’re feeling this privileged, you have to imagine that Harry is sort of floating right now.


All of the songs Harry performed tonight were amazing. He loves being on stage and we’ve missed seeing him do what he does best – give it his all. However, this duet of Landslide was something else. We got emotional listening to it from home.

As the night progresses, we assume more videos and photos will show up online, so be sure to check them out. Harry looks so happy and we’re happy for him.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.