Harry Styles Registers New ASCAP Songs

Harry Styles has registered four new songs with ASCAP as of December 29th and the One Direction fan base has had a lot to say about it!

Most fans are excited; with the knowledge that band members CAN write solo songs and even be listed as performers of them without straying away from their band.  With One Direction being on a hiatus this allows them time to indulge in their own song writing, explore  parts of their individual talents, and allows the opportunity for each of the lads to fine tune their vocal abilities even on break.  While there’s no word on a solo career in Harry’s future or that we’ll hear these songs at all, let alone live, it’s exciting to see Harry listed as the performer.

The song titles are Already Home, 5,378 Miles, COCO, Endlessly and you can find them here.


Written by Ashley

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