Harry Styles Reveals Self-Titled Debut Album Details

It’s been an incredibly busy month for Harry Styles and his fans. With the announcement of his debut solo single ‘Sign of the Times’ to his solo debut this Saturday on SNL – he’s been taking the world of music by storm.

Harry’s debut was everything it should have been, and most importantly, it was special for him. He was able to take time to write songs that held meaning for him and to record them in an environment that wasn’t busy or stressful and all of these factors gave him the ability to put together the perfect album.

That may be a big claim to make without having heard it yet, but we have heard ‘Sign of the Times’ and that wasn’t just a song, it was art, it was an experience.

Today, Harry revealed his solo album debut details. It’s self titled, there are 10 tracks, and it’s got a stunning look to it. Harry’s television teaser was stunning, his track art for SOTT was beautiful, and it looks like he’s kept the theme for the entire album.

There is water, darkness, and light – it’s reminiscent of cleansing, its stunning.

With song titles like ‘Two Ghosts’ and ‘Only Angel’ and even ‘Ever Since New York’ our interest is at an all time high. Knowing Harry, there will be songs about love (and the most beautiful ones at that) but also about trials and overcoming them, and about the sweet and sour parts of life. He’s not just a musician, his entire essence is art – he’s a creator.

The wait until his album will probably drag on for fans. However, it’ll be well worth it. You can purchase the album on May 12th. Which gives us all enough time to get our affairs in order because, let’s be honest, we won’t be doing much of anything except being enchanted by the album once it’s released.

Written by Ashley

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