Harry Styles Shines as Host of Another Man Magazine Launch Party

Harry Styles recently blew the world away with not only his covers but the incredible photo spreads and interview in Another Man Magazine. The magazine housed Harry’s first solo photoshoot and interview since One Direction announced their hiatus to the magazine and they absolutely smashed it. He totally embodied himself in a way he was unable to before; adorned in high fashion clothing, a collar – and wrist restraints – as well as nail polish and various stages of his hair transformation; it wasn’t just a Harry feature in the magazine, it’s like he transformed it into pages where he could let gorgeous photos speak for him in a way words couldn’t.  He spoke a bit about what will be his film debut in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk as well as figuring out what he wants to say musically while One Direction is on hiatus and he is creating in a different way. There were photos of important keepsakes he’d accumulated over the years, a playlist of his favorite songs, and a dedication to his friend Matt who passed away just a few months ago; it was a very personal look into the mind of Harry, and it was beautiful.

Another Man Magazine hosted a launch party for the issue Harry was featured in and it wouldn’t have been complete without the man of the hour there himself.  However, he didn’t just attend the party, he hosted it – and did so in style.  He arrived in a YSL suit and velvet boots, with matching black nail polish, and his hair slicked back – you could see his trademark curls starting to reform.  He looked handsome, he looked confident, but more importantly – he looked proud and happy, two emotions he wears very well.

Harry Styles Shines as Host of Another Man Magazine Launch Party 1

There were photos released of himself and friends, people who work at the magazine, fashion designers, fans, and even his lovely sister who wrote a sweet note about growing up as his big sister in the magazine. He lit up the room with his charm and his smile and there’s no doubt that his presence at this party not only helped show his gratitude for what the magazine did for him, but further built relationships for his future.

In terms of relationships, while some publications linked him romantically to the partner of his friend and manager and, when they realized that was wrong, any other woman with legs in the room; the night was all about Harry and deserves to be respected as such. He is now and always has been worth so much more than whatever true, and very untrue, relationship rumors are attached to his name.

When someone works as diligently and selflessly as Harry has for the last six years, there’s no other emotion to feel but utter joy when things begin to truly unfold for them in a beautiful way; and Harry deserves this moment more than anyone.  He’s always shown kindness, never let fame change his heart, and he’s remained soft; even when the world has given him reasons not to be – those traits are part of what transformed Harry from a superstar to an idol, someone very deserving of the title.

The horizon holds an endless amount of opportunities for Harry and with One Direction being on a hiatus; he’s got nothing but time to test the waters, see what works for him, and enjoy a sense of freedom that was just out of reach for so long.

Congratulations Harry; you’re truly the man of the hour(and month, year, decade, and century).

Harry Styles Shines as Host of Another Man Magazine Launch Party 3

Written by Ashley

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