Harry Style’s ‘Sign of the Times used in new Unicef Campaign

Unicef UK has unveiled its new brand direction with a little musical help from Harry Styles. The Lights Up singer has very kindly given the charity permission to use his hit song Sign of the Times in their new ad campaign, for free.

The ad shows children in need of vaccines as “strong and powerful”. “War on disease” outlines Unicef’s ongoing mission to eradicate global disease via vaccines –  described by the charity as “weapons of mass protection”.

The video also features a cameo from actor Orlando Bloom.

Unicef helps vaccinate just under half the world’s children against diseases that can end their life far too early.

In 2013 Harry raised over £3000 auctioning off a T’shirt for the charity. The leopard print shirt was snapped up after 75 bids.

You can find out more about the campaign here.


Written by Kelly McFarland

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