Harry Styles’ debut single is a ‘Sign of the Times’

Just days ago, Harry Styles’ solo journey into music began to piece itself together in front of the public. While rumors have been spinning for months now, Harry has been silent about his project. For perhaps the first time ever, he’s in charge of his music and he wanted to treat the process with delicate hands. This left Harry able to ensure that his music was something that will not only embrace who he is as an artist but also as a person.

Those who have heard a preview of Harry’s music, and even those who haven’t, have been comparing it to other artists and styles of music. People anticipate that he’ll channel old school rock n roll with an authentic sound of his own. He’s been part of the biggest band in music for years, but now he’s working on something that’s all his own. For those reasons, we’ve tried to avoid the rumors or the speculation, we are going into our first listening session anticipating only Harry Styles sounding like Harry Styles.

After posting three white squares, as he did before his Another Man Magazine cover, he made a new social media post just hours ago and April 7th cannot get here soon enough.

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‘Sign of the Times’ will be Harry’s solo debut track and it’s already the talk of social media. By definition, the phrase is used to mean: something judged to exemplify or indicate the nature or quality of a particular period, typically something unwelcome or unpleasant.

There are a few theories circling around in our own heads as to what this single will reflect, but the one thing that stands as a fact, is that it will show a side of Harry that fans have long been waiting to embrace.

Harry has always been so much more than the ‘idea’ he was boxed into and sold as. True fans of his have know this, and now, so will everyone else.

We can’t wait to hear his solo debut, and we won’t have to wait long! There are just days until it’s premiere and then just days after that, he will perform the song on SNL. When he does something, he does it with passion, and it’ll be incredible to see him on stage again.


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