Is Harry Styles Planning to get Ink for Someone Other Than Louis Tomlinson? We Think Not.

One Direction fans know, all too well, that there seem to be a never ending set of “sources” that are always willing and always ready to give “big news stories” to just about anyone that will listen.  The best part about it?  Even if there is absolutely NO validation to them at all they’ll sell a story as truth and fact to do nothing other than cause a wow factor to keep a few names or stories circulating in the media.  Fans of the band, and of Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall as individuals have known, dealt with, and been exposed to this for years now.

It’s a never ending saga.

Most recently, in the unavoidable saga of tall tales and over romanticized partnerships, swirl rumors of a mister Harry Styles and a miss Kendall Jenner.  We’ve all seen the big party yacht photos, we’ve seen the ones that look super snuggly and the ones that – not cropped – look more like a big hang out between friends; but we digress.

Now that Kendall and Harry are back in different countries and there are no more photo opportunities or stories to report, the sources have come up for air and have decided to pitch out a rumor they think will get people talking.  So far it’s just got people laughing at the effort it must have taken to reach that far – we hope they got a good stretch in beforehand.

Harry Styles himself is reportedly going to ink his skin – and a big portion of it – in honor of Kendall.

“Harry is seriously thinking of getting a tattoo in honor of Kendall. It wouldn’t be her face or name or anything like that, but something that is meaningful for the both of them. Something that shows Kendall how special she is to him. Kendall is of course completely flattered.”  Hollywood Life reported on January 8th.

The beauty about this very open ended quote from this unnamed source is that any tattoo Harry gets in the foreseeable future could be labeled his tattoo in honor of Kendall.  They gave absolutely no specifics (and we’re sure that’s because this is absolutely nothing than a rumor) but made sure to put the thought in our heads and let’s be honest – Harry is a man that likes his tattoos – so it seems plausible.

What’s a bit ironic, comical, and at the same time sad is the way the media fails to acknowledge – at all – that Harry has ink on his body that is already complimentary to the ink that sprinkles the skin of someone else – Louis Tomlinson.

Yep; Harry and Louis may not have come out yet saying their tattoos are matching, but there is no denying that the ones they have seem to compliment each other.  The ‘oops’ and ‘hi’, the ship and compass, the anchor and rope, the butterfly and the quote, the rose and the dagger…come on – Louis got the dagger!

So why don’t people report on these tattoos that already exist instead of making up rumors with no substance?  That would make too much sense, we suppose.  Since the rumors about Kendall and Harry’s romance on the yacht seem to have fizzled – and when Kendall herself was asked about it she ignored the question completely and drew her gal pal in for a great big hug – it looks like people are grasping at straws to keep their names connected in the media, and funny time for it too.  We mentioned before that Kendall’s name has been recently linked to rumors that question her sexuality; what better way to prove that she’s straight than to link her to a man the media self carved into one of our generation’s biggest lotharios?

They’ve got it proper planned out, don’t they? 

It didn’t hurt that Khole Kardashian also tried to confirm a relationship status she was unaware of during an interview where she was quoted saying “But I mean they were in St. Barts together hanging out, I would call that dating”.

By the looks of the photos there were at least 10 other people on that yacht, if you hang out in St. Barts together and you’re automatically dating then is that a sister wives sort of thing…are they all dating each other?  We wonder if everyone else knows about that unwritten rule too, yikes!

If that is true though, can Ryan Gosling get on a yacht with us in St. Barts?  Valentines Day is coming up and we wouldn’t be offended if we were automatically dating him because we were seen together near an island!

If anyone needs us we’ll be relishing in the fact that it’s possible for males and females to just be good friends and looking at pictures of Louis and Harry’s total ‘bro-pal’ tattoos!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.