Harry Styles Opens Citi Concert Series on The Today Show

Today Show

The Today Show kicked off their summer concert series today with the most talked about man in music right now, Harry Styles. Now, fans of Harry know that his performances are always incredible, but a new audience of viewers got to witness his talent this morning.

Another thing they got to witness was his kindness. After the show, another Today segment airs and the hosts spent moments talking about how kind and well mannered Harry is. He even asked people if they needed coffee before the big morning got started.

Back to the performance, Harry absolutely killed it, which didn’t surprise us at all. He’s so talented we think he sometimes underestimates himself. It’s nice to see him embrace this solo journey and find confidence in it as well.


He started the show with ‘Ever Since New York’ before singing a new song off of his self titled debut album being released this Friday, ‘Carolina’. For his final song he performed his number 1 debut single ‘Sign of the Times’. All of the songs were executed flawlessly and those note changes made our knees weak.

One thing fans watching didn’t see, that fans in attendance did, was his surprise performance of  One Direction’s ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. We had a moment after watching that video.

Aside from Harry’s talent, the best part of the performance was his suit. He walked out to the stage in a pink number that only he could pull off. We are loving all the shades of pink he’s using for this album, it’s all very endearing.

What was your favorite part of Harry’s performance? Let us know!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.