Gucci’s New Tailoring Campaign will Feature Harry Styles

Fans of Harry Styles have spent the last (almost) 24 hours excitedly anticipating Gucci’s newest campaign, especially since confirmation was given via their Instagram page with a simple photo.

It comes as no surprise to anyone at Gucci that Styles has style. He’s constantly worn items by the brand and looked nothing short of flawless in them. It made it easy for fans to imagine him as the face of one of their campaigns.

Or at least, for now, the hands.

Now, we love him with and in just about everything – but after his video for Kiwi, we have a special softness in our hearts for Harry and dogs.

From what we can sort of make out, it looks like a dog won’t be the only animal he is spotted with during the Gucci Tailoring Campaign, either. They’re including some farm life into the shoot and a spot for Fish and Chips. In one of the photos, Harry is wearing a dressing gown and in another, we are left wondering what he’s donning while we get just a quick glimpse of the top of his head and his striking eyes.

While we won’t know exactly what to expect out of the campaign until we see it in full, we do know that Alessandro Michele is working closely with Harry on the project and as we said before, he’s no stranger to Gucci. Mixing Michele’s talent and flair with Harry’s ability to WEAR anything and turn it into a look – this partnership is sure to be massive for both parties.


Harry is enjoying his last bit of time off before hitting the road on his 2018 world tour. For more information on that, you can check out his website. Make sure to keep up with Gucci’s social media feed – you won’t want to miss his big Gucci debut.

Written by Ashley

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