Harry Styles Looks Smashing in Fan Favorite Ripped Rolling Stones Tee

Harry Styles is always making a statement with his fashion, be it the days he dresses down or the ones he dresses up – it’s hard not to let your jaw hit the floor when new photos of him simply existing surface on social media.  Harry is an absolutely gorgeous human being, and his outer beauty is only enhanced by the light that shines out of that heart of gold.  He’s the whole package!

On March 24th, fans got a glimpse of one of their favorite Harry looks as he visited Saint Laurent in Los Angeles.


Harry was wearing tight black jeans, his signature boots, and THE Rolling Stones shirt that the entire world hopes he holds onto for…like…ever.  The shirt has holes that he’s safety pinned together, small rips and tears all over it, and just as much for fans as it is for him – it screams comfort.

Like we said before, Harry being styled up is lovely, but Harry throwing on his favorite shirt, jeans, and boots with his hair held back by sunnies is just everything good in this world. Honestly, Harry just looks smashing all the time.

Harry has been spending his time so far during One Direction’s hiatus in large between Los Angeles and the UK.  The rumor mill suggests that he’s preparing for a film debut and working on some music but the lad himself has been staying out of the spotlight, and with good reason, this is supposed to be a break.  Regardless of what he’s been up to, we’re hoping he’s enjoying every moment.

For now, it looks like sunshine was calling his name – and we would have answered too. 

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.