Harvey Hext’s Legacy Continues To Live On With A Siblings Wish

If you’re a One Direction fan you’ve probably heard the name Harvey Hext and no doubt been touched by his incredible life. Harvey was a little boy that captured part of Louis Tomlinson’s heart and, in the same breath, captured the hearts of millions once his story was told.

Harvey lived a life more full than some people who make it well past his age and he continues to inspire people all across the world, even after his passing.  It’s a true testament to his family, their strength, and The Tomlinson’s for bringing his story to a compassionate fan base.  Harvey’s heart, smile, and warmth won’t ever be forgotten.

One thing that his family, specifically his twin brother, struggled with after losing Harvey was something every family who leaves a hospital without their loved one has been through; bringing home their items.  This was especially hard for Spencer as he is so young and had just lost the person who he’d experienced ever part of his life with so far.

Harvey’s life was full of color, hope, and inspiration; so seeing his belongings put in a bland bag and carried away didn’t seem fitting for who Harvey was.  It doesn’t seem fitting for who any child who passes away is; even if their lives held pain – children are vibrant, they’re miracles, they’re full of happiness – and their legacies should be just as bright as their lives.

Spencer’s wish, after the loss of Harvey, is to give families a way to take the belongings of their loved ones home that pays respect to who they were in life.  This wish inspired the Hext family to start a new initiative – A Siblings Wish.  The nonprofit aims to send families home with beautiful memory boxes instead of brown paper bags when they leave a hospital or hospice for the last time on their journey through childhood illness and loss.  The memory boxes are beautiful, can be personalized, and are meant to bring relief and a sense of joy in remembrance of the child they lost.  During a time when it’s hard to find peace, these boxes are a way to commemorate the beauty of childhood and the magic of their loved one.

A Sibling’s Wish is in the beginning stages now, and is welcoming donations and the spreading of awareness so that the boxes can be made and families can find comfort.  If you can donate, please go to their Facebook page and follow the instructions, you can also help by sharing their page – they must raise 5,000 before they can be a registered charity so every little bit counts.  You can find them on Twitter as well, be sure to follow them and tweet their account out to your followers.

The Hext family has received the support and love of One Direction fans before, and with such a loving fan base, they’re sure to receive it again – and then some.  When a family, or cause, becomes important to Louis, Harry, Niall, or Liam – it becomes important to the fans as well – we’re all a team remember?

Harvey Hext's Legacy Continues To Live On With New Charity Project 1

Written by Ashley

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